Spectacular May 2010 meeting—The Amazing Race

Hi to all,

The following message is of utmost importance to any au pair who wants to be with us in Philadelphia for the May 22 meeting–The Amazing Race!  It is vital that you take the following actions if you want to be

  • call me if you have not yet received an invitation
    to this event–check now, please
  • talk to host family and make sure you are not needed
    that day
  • if you are free, find out if your family would allow
    you to drive and take a few au pairs along
  • call me if you are going but need a ride
  • REGISTER for the event by
    following the directions given below–if you do not have a credit/debit card to
    pay $5 online registration, ask host parent or call me or a friend for
  • call me this week if you are having trouble registering
  • decide on who will be in your team of 6 au pairs
    before the day of the race (if you do not have enough to make a team of 6, you
    will be matched with other au pairs as a team when we get to the race) it might
    be fun to work with au pairs from other groups
  • be ready to leave that Saturday morning early so
    that we will be on time

Thursday, 15 April 2010 8:41 AM


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